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tv   The Briefing  BBC News  November 22, 2017 5:45am-6:01am GMT

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finally really pushing power, robert mugabe. we now move on to the telegraph. and may's budget war with hammond is the front page headline, with the treasury to hand down the uk's annual budget today. put up some of these papers. there is proof we have it. online on our news channel, we're looking at uber‘s huge data reach concealed from 2016. it affected 57 million customers and drivers. the ride—sharing furnish payed hackers £75,000, about $100,000, to delete the data. uber‘s new ceo has responded to the scandal. and finally in the new york times, hacking of a different kind. us officials are charging an iranian man in the theft of data from hbo which resulted in a script of game of thrones being released online, along with other unaired shows. you might remember that one.
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he's accused of trying to extort $6 million worth of bitcoin for the content. so let's begin. with me is jane foley, senior fx strategist at rabobank. let's start with zimbabwe and the herald, we have seen the pictures and it is about celebrations. or is it. quite remarkable that different tones of these stories. if you look at the guardian, we see it is about excitement, jubilation, but if you look at the zimbabwean paper, tried to suggest that while mugabe overstepped his welcome, people of zimbabwe should respect his head ——
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illustrious leadership and that his wife was the cause of the problems. the point about grace mugabe is a very strong cultural reference. you do not behave like that as a woman toa man do not behave like that as a woman to a man in zimbabwe. there is a lot more to that. ‘gucci grace' to a man in zimbabwe. there is a lot more to that. ‘gucci grace‘ was one of the ways they described her. why would a president‘s wife naturally be the next leader and it is a real issue. the other point i noticed in the herald, the chief whip said that president mugabe saved his reputation by resigning. 0n president mugabe saved his reputation by resigning. on the guardian, that is something you will not get. you are not. if he had been in peach clearly his reputation would be tarnished but for many people, his reputation has been
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tarnished for a long time. he has beenin tarnished for a long time. he has been in powerfor 37 years. tarnished for a long time. he has been in power for 37 yearslj tarnished for a long time. he has been in power for 37 years. i have had a scar of the guardian, they go onto page seven, an editorial on page a0 and not a word of reputational recognition in any of that coverage. i was listening to some of the coverage and it does go through in his early years why he was empowered to start off with. this is what the local papers are trained to recognise andy was man therefore good reason and it was in later yea rs therefore good reason and it was in later years that his reputation was tarnished. the question now how things pan out. a former vice president, someone from the army leader of the secret services and he will take over. it will be
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interesting to see whether or not he can turn around the economy and retain the respect of the people. can turn around the economy and retain the respect of the peoplem isa retain the respect of the peoplem is a different scenario but turning it around, taking us on to the perspective of the telegraph. the budget is a big deal, but it goes on what looks like an all—out, almost a character assassination of philip hammond and wall within number ten. it is about personalities. if you look at the telegraph, it seems to have an awful lot to say about hardline brexiteers. this headline basically says that theresa may wa nts basically says that theresa may wants him to outright something in respect to housing and young people and perhaps he is less inclined to do so. the more general press is
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talking about how the budget needs to be balanced and how he will have his hands tied. he may have less money to play with the cause of brexit. he may be talking about extra funding for schools for maths and computer science in particular. everything is rather play down and subdued and that is his style and the message here is that that is not enough any more for the budget. you have to have inspiration and a bit of docs office. that comes in light of docs office. that comes in light of the context. if you look at the position of the may government, it has been weakened since thejune election and there is concern about how this budget will stand in an election. but pulling a rabbit out of the hat will be limited by the fa ct of the hat will be limited by the fact that he does not have much to play around with. the boring data
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this year is pretty good but further out, his ability to spend it will be limited. i noticed the telegraph says there is no noxious to brexit in the budget. philip hammond may not want to mention brexit but that also great at number ten, it would seem. also great at number ten, it would seem. other papers are due mention brexit and wide the risk perhaps so much focus on philip hammond giving a picture of an economy that will succeed and do well. it is difficult for him with his hands tied. let's move on to the bbc online coverage of the uber cover—up on 57 million customers and drivers are being hacked and then paying out, uber, to
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keep those names and details hidden. we have to wait to see if that is what happened. before i ask on your view. this has been our question of the day. do people trust online companies any more? this was lee‘s who said, let me guess, outsourced data, keep your it data close to your chest. invest in internal it resources . your chest. invest in internal it resources. another, delete the apt, give it a one star in the app store. another, companies like uber and other entities who drop the ball on protecting personal information should have to settle with each individual affected — 57 million, thatis individual affected — 57 million, that is not going to happen. individual affected — 57 million, that is not going to happenm individual affected — 57 million, that is not going to happen. it is a massive disappointment. companies
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are required to disclose these breaches and uber did not in the circumstances. it paid the hackers instead to cover it up so it is a double blow for its potential customers. coming clean now, is that a positive side? did they have any choice? they probably had to come clea n choice? they probably had to come clean and it does say here that their chief security officer has left the company. now, uber this article suggests has form. $20,000 fine for a breach of security which was considerably less than this current breach. you do not sound like someone who thinks uber is turning a corner with its new chief executive... let's hope so. uber has fantastic potential. it is often
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used to a lot of people but it is difficult to endorse a company where we has seen this sort of behaviour. from your perspective, handing over your details to online companies, another good reason to think, why do ido another good reason to think, why do i do it? think it is difficult not to in the modern age. from that perspective, again, it is difficult to avoid. thank you for looking through all those papers. see you later in the day. thank you for watching. hello there. we have heavy rain, gales, even some snow, all in the forecast for the next few days. the coldest air is still waiting in the wings.
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we have several areas of low pressure all pushing up from the south—west, bringing these weather fronts, and in turn bringing rain. so, having seen the rain ease off overnight, it‘s going to be turning wetter by the morning. mild to the south, some colder air perhaps beginning to arrive in the north of the uk. let‘s head into the morning, for the rush hour, and for much of southern england, it well may be dry. midlands, east anglia too. windy by the morning, a very mild side to the day, too. then we‘re back into the rain across wales, especially wet in the north—west of wales. some rain for the north of england, the north—west in particular. and this rain in ireland could become heavy and begin to arrive in the south—west and south of scotland. then we‘ve got a slice of drier weather before we‘re back into something a bit wetter in the far north of scotland. this is main area of rain, could be as much as 100mm of rain falling by the end of the day over the hills, south—west scotland, cumbria, and north—west wales. and ahead of that, across much of england and wales, it will be windy. strong to perhaps gale—force winds, very mild air, especially if you get
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the sunshine in the south—east and east anglia. could be some rain and cold air across the north of scotland. this rain still around in the evening, with strong winds. some squally rain sweeping eastwards across england and wales. poor day in the rain, and cold air across scotland. squally rain sweeping east across england and wales. then in the cold air, we start to see some snow falling overnight in scotland, particularly northern parts of scotland. further south, much milder, but still windy. the winds do ease down a bit on thursday, and that snow continues for a while, even to some lower levels in northern scotland too before easing down through the day. we‘re seeing some bands of showers pushing their way southwards, but there‘ll still be some sunshine in between. still pretty mild, actually, across the south and south—east, 13 or 1a degrees. much colder, though, not just for scotland, but also for northern ireland and the north of england, too. now, heading into friday, a lot of uncertainty about the position of this area of low pressure.
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this is probably the last of those low—pressure centres moving up from the south—west. the rain more likely across southern england for a while on friday. and this could be the last of the milder air, if you like, because colder air that‘s in the north and north—west will come sweeping its way southwards just in time for the weekend. now, you may well be dry for much of the weekend. there‘ll be some sunshine, too. but we are going to find some showers, particularly in the north—west of the uk, and those showers notjust of rain, but possibly of hail, sleet and snow. hello, this is breakfast, with dan walker and louise minchin the chancellor philip hammond promises to use today‘s budget to secure a bright future for britain. the famous red box is expected to contain plans for housing and schools, but mr hammond is a man under pressure from all sides. i‘m eleanor garnier, and i will have all the political analysis ahead of a key day for the residents of both numbers 10 and 11 downing street.
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i'll be looking at the economics. i've been finding out how members from one family are feeling the squeeze and what the chancellor can best do to help them, young and old. good morning, it‘s wednesday the 22nd of november.
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